Tourthai2000 was founded in 2000 and licensed under the Ministry of Commerce, and with the membership of TAT. The founders have experienced in travel industry for more than 15 years. Nowadays they have become customer caretaker, and have managed the company by themselves.

Tourthai2000 has experienced tour management both domestically and overseas. We provide a car-rental service with specialized drivers. Furthermore, every company’s tour leader is licensed from TAT, at the same time, they master in English and experience taking care of customers. We also have representatives in many locals of Thailand, and provide the customers a 24-hour special contacting number. Therefore, they would have no concern, even not being in Bangkok or unable to contact us.

Moreover, we are an air-ticket agency for domestic and international airlines, including worldwide accommodations and European region’s train ticket. We also offer an automatic booking system which shows the immediate reservation feedback. Furthermore, travel insurance service is provided and our company is the dealer of travel insurance companies which are accepted by every embassy

We look forward to being at your service in the near future.